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You are a shame to the Catholic Church

I grew up in a Christian faith. Catholicism to be precise.

I had utmost reverence and respect for my Christian faith all through my growing years.

I felt a sense of spiritual direction and growth in my discussions with priests and nuns during my Catechism classes at St Mary’s Church, growing up in Dubai.

In my vision of the world, there was bad but good would always triumph over evil because there was God.

The innocence of my reverence for the Catholic Church and faith in the institution has been shattered.

I know in my heart that Bishop Franco Mulakkal is guilty of the heinous crime of rape.

His crime of illegal confinement, rape and sodomy is in Kerala police affidavit to High Court.

I believe that nun raped is speaking the truth.

It took immense courage and determination to come out and speak the truth against a sinister man who has full support of the Catholic Church.

The nun and sisters who have supported her will become outcast within the Christian community.

It is only a matter of time, the sisters will be first evicted from their congregation and then excommunicated from the Church.

Fr Kuriakose Kuttuthara died fighting for justice, fighting to expose the truth, about the true nature of Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

I am confident in the power the Catholic Church wields over some government institutions and people in government positions.

The postmortem report of Fr Kuriakose will indicate death due to natural causes.

His natural cause would be cardiac arrest due to hypertension and stress.

The fact that Fr Kuriakose was stressed due to the mental, emotional and physical torture he was subjected too, would be cleverly ignored.

The shamelessness of some Christians that Sister Anupama faced an angry mob at the funeral service stands exposed.

“You are bringing shame to the Catholic Church,” the mob yelled at Sisters.

Some christians see shame in the courage of rape survivor but glory in act of rape by Bishop.

The fight for justice is a long arduous journey, especially against a powerful individual and a powerful institution.

The church in this case has shown its faithfuls that a rapist clergyman is more revered than a raped nun.

The church is sending out a warning to other sexual abuse victims raped by priests, bishops or laity working within the Catholic Church, be silent because your complaints will only ostracise you and your family.

I have only been reporting the case yet I am receiving several messages about my safety from well wishers.

Some, however, would like to blacken my face and garland me with rotten shoes for my opinions.

Not too long ago, Archbishop Couto raised an alarm about the Christians being in danger in India.

It is not the Christian in India that is in danger but it is the people of India who are in danger from the sinister plans of the Catholic Church.

Not one statement in support of the raped nun.

Not one placard for protests from many Christians across India, who take to streets when rape non related to sexual predators in the Catholic Church grabs headlines.

Not a single article on the Kerala nun rape case from Christian luminaries who drain newspapers of their ink writing about the fictitious atrocities to Christians.

The raped nun and her supporters are going to witness the true wrath of the Catholic Church and those Christians that hide behind the evil within the Church.

In India, the Catholic Church rules supreme.

Therefore is not a single politician who has condemned the Bishop or the Catholic Church for their actions in light of this heinous crime.

They never will. It is about votes.

Even the National Commission of Women (NCW) who is supposed to stand up to fight for women, has gone to sleep on my complaint to investigate the failure of the Church in reporting the matter to the authorities when the rape case first came to light.

The fight for justice will grow stronger. Bishop Franco Mulakkal will pay for his crimes and so will the Catholic Church, when the hand of God strikes.





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