Why should a Pastor and Institute head make so many calls to girl student after 8 pm?

Pastor Dr Sunny D of the Bethel Medical Institute and accused of sexually harassing nursing student, made several calls past 8pm and some close to midnight and even after

Bengaluru, November 30 (IEExpose) While the pattern of possible predatory behavior of Pastor Sunny D head of the Pan Asian Institute of Nursing ( governed by the Bethel Medical Institute) has been established by our earlier stories on IndianExpose , it is important to notice that  most of his calls to the victim girl  were made well after 8 pm.

These calls, under no circumstances could have been “work” calls or calls to discuss student issues. IndianExpose has details of 12 such calls

On the day after December 27, 2106, the date mentioned by the victim girl in her complaint to the High Court, when the Pastor  allegedly called her to his office and harassed sexually , Pastor Sunny D made 5 calls  between 8.45 and 11.45 at night

In March 2017 the Pastor made one call at 1.10 am and once relative earlier at 8.45 pm.

In July 2017, he had one call at 9.16 pm while in August he called her as late as 12.18

Each of these calls were made when she was still a student and had raised her voice against this kind of harassment by the head of the institution

Here a graphic of the Pastors late night calls, made to the woman who has complained of harassment of a sexual nature against him.

The night dialing Pastor of Bengaluru


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