Why is Bangalore police hiding the fact that Bethel marks scam accused filed serious charges of sexual harassment against Bethel boss Pastor Sunny D

Shady or Sunny? You judge

Pastor Sunny says: Raji S, a students of Bethel Medical Mission had borrowed Rs 50,000 for her mother’s treatment from Dr Pastor Sunny D

Raji S says: Dr Pastor Sunny D went to her house in Kerala and even threatened her mother of putting her daughter (Raji S in trouble if she pursued with her case of sexual harassment against him. And that is exactly what happened

Pastor Sunny says,that final year marks card of Raji S was held back because of her so called involvement in the fake marks card scam

Raji S in her email which is the basis of her complaint mentioned three things. That he told her mother that if she did not “go” with him, he would fix her in some inquiry or case with the CID, secondly that Sunny D had her final year mark sheet and was asking her to come to the CID and thirdly that Sunny D is very influential with the police and this all are scared of him

IndianExpose demands: While investigating the fake markscard scam, the background of the interactions between Sunny D, accused by Raji S of sexual harassment and mental agony and torture and the accused in the marks card scam Raji S should be weighed equally and the sexual harassment complaint and High Court case not be buried under the carpet. There has to be full disclosure which the Bengaluru police are shying away from

(Read the Indian Expose analysis, within the main story, based on excerpts of Raji S’ email complaint for a further insight into why this case has to be investigated deeply) ————————————————————————————

BENGALURU, December 8 (IEExpose) The Bangalore police is willfully hiding and ignoring the fact that that arrested accused in the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences RGUHS markscard and hall ticket scam Raji S and Fredrick John have been waging a relentless and courageous struggle to get the head of the Bethel Medical Mission ( under the RGUHS) Pastor Dr Sunny D tobe brought to justice for allegedly and continuously sexually harassing and mentally torturing her and her family.

Surprisingly, while the Chancellor of the RGUHS Dr Sachidananda has acknowledged that Raji S was a “complainant’ against the Bethel Medical Mission ( quite obviously her complaint of sexual harassment against Pastor Dr Sunny D), the Bangalore police has clearly feigned ignorance.

The Bangalore police according to a TOI report “denied any knowledge of Raji being a complainant against BMM, and said the college had filed a complaint against her.

This is almost unbelievable when the former student of BMM has moved the Karnataka High Court seeking protection from the BMM head Pastor Sunny D, who has been instrumental in filing a complaint against her Fredrick John  in the “fake markscard scam’. It is also uncanny and very alarming that the complaint against Raji and Fredrick John who has been supporting her, is something she had feared and mentioned the same in an email, which was to be the basis of her police complaint

Who is the scamster?

Look at the manner in which the Bengaluru police ransacked Raji S home in Bangalore before arresting her on charges of running a markscard racket. Raji S’ Petition in the HC accusing Bengaluru police of wilfully not acting on her serious charges of sexual harassment & torture against Pastor Sunny D head of the Bethel Medical Mission where Raji was a student, has been wilfully ignored by the police

Indian Expose quotes directly from that email once again, without editing or correcting any grammatical and other errors)

He ( Dr Pastor Sunny D) called me late night to my mobile and tells me to come down from my hostel to his office. If I don’t go he announces in mike and forces me to come to office. When I go he said come one night with me and takes all the money you wanted. I will give you as much money you wanted, this is only entertainment and it is not wrong. I complained to Jansi madam but she said you have to adjust till you finish your studies. I went and complained to Senthil sir and Mr. Herold Johnson also but he is not serious and he also supporting sunny sir in this. Every time I managed to escape and after completing my course now he is directly calling my mother and threatening her and saying send Raji to my house. On 03.08.2018 he went directly to my house in Kerala with his relative Lims, threatened my parents, if she is not coming I will do anything to her, give false complaint on her and put her in enquiry with CID.

Now he is having my final year mark sheet and he is asking me to come to CID office. I am really scared of Sunny sir if he will put me in problem.

Why should I come to CID office? Like me many girls are affected in college but all girls are scared to tell because he say he is influenced politically , all police station people support him and he tell he will send gundas to beat. He did to college students also.

He called my mother on 04.08.2018 and told that he will tell to CID that I am responsible for all problem and they will put me in case. He has spoiled many girls life threatening to be with him and if any girls don’t agree he did not allow towrite exam and fail

These lines from her email have to be examined by the Bangalore police which has so far ignored each and every one of her attempts to approach them for help and security


1 Excerpt from her email: On 03.08.2018 he went directly to my house in Kerala with his relative Lims, threatened my parents, if she is not coming I will do anything to her, give false complaint on her and put her in enquiry with CID

IndianExpose analysis: The complaint filed by him, through his college BMM, against her is clearly along the lines she feared, with Dr Pastor Sunny D even claiming to the media that “our competitors have used their (Raji and Fredrick John) services to tarnish my image”. Sunny D has, not surprisingly elaborated who those competitors are, nor has he given their names to the police for them to question the competitors or bring them into the ambit of investigation

2 Excerpt from her mail: He called my mother on 04.08.2018 and told that he will tell to CID that I am responsible for all problem and they will put me in case.

IndianExpose analysis: Now this has essentially happened. The alacrity with which the search and arrests were made and the manner in which her house was ransacked leading to her arrest point to a very determined action by the police. While any investigation done with alacrity needs to be commended, one can ask why the same earnestness was not displayed when it came to acting on the Raji S’ complaints of a very serious nature against Dr Pastor Sunny D.

Coming to Raji S’s alleged involvement in the university fake markscard and hall ticket scam, the police has every right to investigate the case thoroughly and if Raji S and Fredrick John are found guilty, the law has to, should and will bring them to book.

But interestingly, and this has been- perhaps even conveniently- missed out by mainstream newspapers following this case against Raji S and Fredrick John is one statement of the Bangalore police (which has been reported but not analysed). The Bangalore police said (quoted in the Times of India Bangalore) said “So far our investigation has NOT found any beneficiary of these false documents”.

One may then well ask. If there is no beneficiary, then who used the so called fake marks cards and hall tickets, to secure good marks in the exam and further their career and admission chances based on those false marks. So if there is no beneficiary, then can there be a motive and of there is no motive, can there be a crime? The point is, no one is asking these questions.

But this has to without prejudice to the rights of Raji S to get justice for her complaint and petition against Dr Pastor Sunny D. In fact, the Bangalore police totally ignored her various complaints forcing her to go to the High Court making the Bangalore police a party, through the Vidyanapura police station and the DCP Central Division.


Raji S has finally got bail in the fake marks card case. Indian Expose will continue to follow this case to check its authenticity as well as ask questions as to why the Bangalore police are not acting on the sexual harassment complaint against Dr Pastor Sunny D


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