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US to go on the offensive with cyber warfare on behalf of NATO

Washington, Oct 3 (IENews) United States (US) is expected to announce in the coming days that it will use offensive and defensive cyber capabilities on behalf of NATO if asked, a senior Pentagon official said on Wednesday.

The announcement is expected soon, as US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis attended a meeting with NATO counterparts on Wednesday and Thursday reports Forces Network.

Senior Pentagon official Katie Wheelbarger said that the US is committing to use offensive and defensive cyber operations for NATO allies, but America will maintain control over its own personnel and capabilities.

It reflects growing concerns by the US and its allies over Moscow’s use of cyber operations to influence elections in America and elsewhere.

“Russia is constantly pushing its cyber and information operations,” said Ms Wheelbarger, adding that this is a way for the US to show its continued commitment to NATO.

She told reporters travelling to NATO with Mr Mattis that the move is a signal to other nations that the alliance is prepared to counter cyber attacks waged against the alliance or its members.

In recent weeks the Pentagon released a new cyber security strategy that maps out a more aggressive use of military cyber capabilities.The strategy talks about Russia and China cyber attacks.

It says,China is “persistently” stealing data from the public and private sector to gain an economic advantage and Russia has used cyber information operations to “influence population and challenge diplomatic processes”.

(Source: UNI)

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