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The meaning of being one with God

Let me narrate to you my understanding of life and God.

I grew up in the Christian faith.

I see God as a friend.

I see God in every creation.

Here is my poem on understanding a relationship with God.

The host was lifted up
I looked at it
The chalice was raised
I looked at it
Did not understand anything
Did not believe anything
They said, ‘Jesus is there’
I did not see Jesus

I came out of Church after mass
Everything was as it was before
Some people happy, some people sad
Some people smiling, some people fretting

On my way home I noticed,
A beggar near the gate of the Church
People with happy faces dropped in a coin or two
People with sad faces did not bother too

I then saw an elderly man
He was a familiar face, I had seen him before
He sat on the footpath next to the beggar
I knew that he was not problem free
But he always looked happy
For a few moments
They man chatted with the beggar, they laughed together and smiled together.
An aura of tremendous joy surrounded them
There was a radiance shining from their souls

The host was lifted up
I looked at Him
The chalice was raised
I looked at Him
Understood Him
Believed in Him
Believed in Me
They said ‘Jesus is there’
I saw Jesus out there
I saw Jesus in me

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