Sunday, July 14, 2024
TopicNet Neutrality

Topic: Net Neutrality

128 Indian startups write to TRAI, protest telcos’ demand to make OTT apps pay network usage fees

In their letter to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, startups like Zerodha & Razorpay reiterated their support for net neutrality & cautioned against overregulation of 'OTT' services.

Net neutrality under threat? It's OTTs vs telcos again over proposed internet usage fee

In submissions to TRAI, telecom service providers ask for OTTs to pay them a fair charge for the increased data use they generate. OTTs say this could raise internet cost for consumers.

US dismantling net neutrality gives India the chance to be a global leader

It is ironic that the country which coined the phrase, “net neutrality” voted to dismantle it. But it has given India the chance to become a global leader

Telecom regulator chief says US net neutrality rules won't impact India, but activists wary

Activists say that India has strong norms on net neutrality, but some worry the change in US norms could have an effect. 

Doing away with net-neutrality may be easier said than done

Considering the behemoths that Alphabet Inc, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and Snap Inc are today, it may be imprudent to expect the repeal of net neutrality to be a smooth sail.

On Camera

Marathi cinema has an elitism problem. We need more than Maratha history appeasement

In 2016, ‘Sairat’ shook up the Marathi film industry by calling attention to its elitism. It showed audiences that there is more to Marathiness than Brahmanistic ceremonies.

India's gold industry to create 25,000 jobs, attract Rs 15,000 crore by 2030, says sector report

Report by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry says domestic gold production is expected to rise from 16 tonnes to 100 tonnes by 2030, eliminating the need for imports.

BrahMos a wonderful symbol but Philippines lacks capability to operate, says Ashley Tellis

If a country did not have C4ISR capability, having a missile was a wonderful symbol but not of much operational use, says former senior adviser to US state department.

A ‘jai jawan, jai kisan' trap awaits Modi. In a 5-year Test match with revived Opposition

Modi govt will need to address massive challenges without the total power it got used to, in the face of relentless electoral challenges, one after another.