Real Page to acquire Rentlytics

Move to expand business intelligence platform by 900,000 multifamily units

New York, Oct 12 (IEBusiness) Real Page, a leading provider of software and data analytics to the real estate industry, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Rentlytics, which will expand the company’s business intelligence and performance analytics platform by nearly 900,000 additional multifamily units.

RealPage to acquire @Rentlytics, expanding its business intelligence and performance analytics platform by nearly 900,000 additional #multifamily units.

Rentlytics provides owners and operators with normalized data across multiple third-party systems, resolving system incompatibility, data accuracy issues and time-to-analysis delays.

Steve Winn, Chairman and CEO of RealPage said, “Rentlytics expands our data footprint in the multifamily industry, thereby improving our benchmarking and precision forecasting capabilities. We intend to combine the real time data that Rentlytics has assembled with our existing business intelligence and data analytics platform, and offer the industry a more powerful, high precision tool to measure financial and operating performance.”

Justin Alanís, CEO of Rentlytics, expressed, “I founded Rentlytics with the vision of connecting people and the technologies in our industry to the data that they need to make decisions. I am proud of the progress that our team has made towards achieving that goal and the clients that we have serviced. I discovered that RealPage shares our vision of the power of data, and believe that, by combining our unique platforms, we can accelerate the development of first-in-class analytics solutions for our clients.”

(Source Business News Wire)

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