Portraying Anarkali is a challenging task: Sonarika

New Delhi, Oct 5 (IEEntertainment) From a warrior princess in ‘Prithvi-Vallabh’ to a passionate dancer-lover in her new show ‘Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim Anarkali’, actress Sonarika Bhadoria says it is a challenging task to portray the delicate innocence and sheer brilliance that Anarkali has.

Talking to UNI, Sonarika told about the preparations for her character Anarkali in her new show.

“I think the delicate innocence that the character has that has to reflect from my face and my emotions on screen, just the sheer brillance and the effortlessness of the character and also learning Kathak and trying to learn Urdu- these have been a task,” Sonarika said.

“It’s challenging and nice. It’s a complete learning process compared to what I did in ‘Prithvi-Vallabh’, being a fierce warrior princess, riding a horse, slaying people, and fighting wars to a ‘kaneez’ who will be dancing and performing to entertain people and is a love interest of Salim,” she said.

Asking if she is labelled for doing mythological roles like Goddess Parvati in ‘Mahadev’, etc, Sonarika said,”not at all. Apart from the costume drama there is not a minute similarity between the three characters that I played be it Parvati, Mrinal or now a Kaneez. When I do a show I believe in that.”

“It’s not that I haven’t considered social shows, they have come my way, but when now I look at those shows, I am thankful that I haven’t done those. I feel whatever costume drama I have done till date, I think I have explored a lot as an actor and a person, which I wouldn’t had if I opted for something else. It’s wonderful- the grandeur. So I feel costume dramas are very special,” she said.

“The producer of the show also felt that I will be able to transit myself gracefully from a warrior princess to a kaneez for the show, so he had a belief in me and hence he offered me the role on this fact, not that I have done mythological/ historical shows in the past,” she said.

On what’s new about this ‘Salim Anarkali’, Sonarika said, ‘This is not ‘Mughal-e-Azam’. We are not making ‘Mughal-e-Azam’. Anarkali is a fictious character who has no mention in the history, so we have the liberty to play around the love story how much ever we want. We are trying to give audience a very nice, fresh love story which they will enjoy a lot. In our story Salim and Anarkali are meeting in their childhood. It’s a rebel love story.”

Telling about her idea of love and marriage, Sonarika said she is a very practical person.

“I am a very practical person. But I am also a hopeless incurable romantic. But in practicality a life partner should be like with whom you feel at home effortlessly. You have to be yourself when you are with your partner. That person needs to bring best out of you and makes you happy,” she said.

Asking if it is the right time for the actresses in the industry, she said,” It’s a wonderful time for actresses and they are getting wonderful roles. Just see Anushka, Sonam and Kareena- they got married and despite that they came back on screen within no time and making their mark. They are doing a wonderful job. I am happy that people in the industry are now open in talking about their relationships.”

“I just hope and pray that TV changes a little. For actresses there are better roles. But who am I to complain, because audiences like this kind of content only. And the makers are going to cater to the audiences need. As an actor it’s my personal decision that whether I want to accept that role or not,” she said.

What character she wishes to portray on screen, the 25-years-old actress said,”I want to attempt something like Priyanka Chopra had done in ‘Barfi’- the character of ‘Jhilmil’.”

“After this show I will take a short break from the TV and explore the digital aspect,” she added.

The show ‘Dastaan-E-Mohabbat’ gives a detailed account of Salim and Anarkali’s love story right from the beginning.

The show portrays the epic tale of charming Mughal prince Salim (Shaheer Sheikh) and the mesmerizing rakassa Anarkali (Sonarika) who challenged the norm and chose to fight for their love.

This magnum opus boasts of an ensemble cast with veteran actor Shahbaz Khan essaying the role of Akhbar, Gurdeep Kohli Punjj plays Jodha and Aruna Irani as Hamida Begum.

Produced by Writers’ Galaxy, the show premieres on Colors channel, every Monday to Friday at 2030 hrs.

Source : UNI-India

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