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Open Letter to Narendra Modi – No man has a right to call a raped woman a prostitute

Sometimes it is important to take a stand on matters of principles.

It is this quality in you that has endeared you to many people in India and globally. You are seen as political leader of values, ethics and immense respect for women.

I write in all humility because I cannot understand the reasons behind NDA aligning with PC George – Independent MLA in Kerala – in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections.

PC George is an elected representative who came out openly in defence of the accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal who has only last week been chargesheeted with rape and sodomy of a 44-year old Nun in Kerala.

PC George in his support of the accused Bishop, slandered the nun publicly in the most vile manner. He called her a ‘Prostitute’ and even went to the extent to state that ‘She enjoyed the rape the first twelve times and on the thirteenth time cried rape’.

His statement got him a notice from the National Commission of Woman, after which he retracted his statement but never apologised to the nun personally or publicly.

Bishop Franco Mulakkal has been chargesheeted. The raped nun faced an attempt to be bribed, a threat to be killed and most of all vile slander from some people within the Catholic Church and political supporters of Bishop Franco Mulakkal – like PC George.

Even today the raped nun and the other sisters who support her fight for justice face threats and intimidations from certain powers in the Catholic Church.

A priest who was a prime witness in this case Fr Kuriakose died mysteriously and his autopsy report has not been made public today.

PC George and his association with Bishop Franco Mulakkal runs deep. And Bishop Franco Mulakkal is a powerful clergyman with a strong financial source and that is the reason to his power.

Only recently Fr Anthony Madaserry – a senior priest close to Bishop Franco Mulakkal was caught by ED and IT officials with Rs 10 crore approximately in unaccounted for cash.

It is in this light that I was disappointed and shocked at the decision that NDA has chosen to align with someone such as PC George.

Since my post on social media of non-acceptance of this decision of the NDA, I have been facing varied reactions on social media. The most pertinent one being ‘ I should look at the larger goal of the BJP and NDA’ and ‘We must be wise to learn to compromise on small things to get to the bigger picture’.

So Prime Minister Modi, I am going to address my questions to you directly, since I believe you are a good person and good for India at this point of time but this decision is something I cannot accept:

1. Is it right for a man in power or otherwise to term a woman who is a rape victim as a ‘prostitute’?
2. In our quest for political power do we overlook issues pertaining to dignity of a woman, in particular a traumatised rape victim who is currently under severe threat from some in a globally powerful institution – the Catholic Church – protecting Bishop Franco Mulakkal who raped and sodomised the nun 13 times by admitting PC George in NDA knowing fully well that he slandered the nun publicly in the most foul manner and never ever bothered to apologise for it.
3. Does not PC George admittance into NDA raises question on the integrity of the NDA in allowing such political leaders with no respect to a raped woman to be a part of the alliance.
4. If we treat our nation as our mother, then every single woman in the nation needs to be treated with respect; irrespective of the political compulsions. Is this decision in keeping with that cultural ethos of the nation.

I do not know the political compulsions that has led you and NDA to align with a degenerate political leader like PC George who thinks abusing a rape victim is his call of duty just to please a religious leader.

I am sure there must be very strong compulsions to accept a man with such views on a rape victim rather than protecting the dignity of a woman.

I once again reiterate that I have always admired your work as a political leader right from your CM days in Gujarat.

I think you are the kind of PM India deserves and I am proud of such a PM.

But in all my admiration and respect for you Prime Minister Modi, I cannot accept this decision on PC George. It conflicts with my beliefs and my fight for justice against the evils of sexual abuse.

PC George needs to publicly and personally apologise to the nun for his insensitive and derogatory statements.

If he fails to do so, I am not willing to understand the compulsions that would drive NDA to align with such a political leader over the dignity of a woman that has been repeatedly raped.

We, Prime Minister Modi on this issue have a conflict of beliefs and principles. It is unfortunate but true.


Savio Rodrigues
Founder and Editorial-in-Chief
Indian Expose

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