Nurse under training sexually harassed repeatedly by Bengaluru Pastor

Victim moves court after two years, after going into hiding from predator pastor who runs nursing institutes


Who is a pastor?
Protestant religious ministers are often called pastors. A pastor is a man (or a woman) that leads a congregation of believers and has the power to bless and administer the Holy Eucharist, among several other jobs. A pastor is the Protestant equivilent of Roman Catholic priest.

Bengaluru, Nov 24 (Expose): The growing incidents of men of faith, often holding trusted positions in church or institutions run and controlled by bodies affiliated to religious orders, sexually harassing or assaulting women keep tumbling out of many carefully guarded woodworks. IndianExpose, easily the most trusted go to media outlet, taking up the cause of victims of such blatant assaults, where whistle blowers have even been murdered, has been informed of another shocking incident in Bangalore within the precincts of the Pan Asia School of nursing, under the aegesis of the Bethel Medical Institute run by a Pastor Dr Sunny D. According to information in the public domain Dr Pastor Sunny D is the Founder and President of Bethel Medical Group of Nursing Sciences, ( the umbrella organisation under which the Bethel Medical Institute functions) and Bethel Medical Indo Nepal academy.

A young female student of nursing has gone to court asking for protection and relief from the never ending series of sexual harassment, molestation and torture by none other than Pastor Sunny D.

Calling the pastor “nothing short of a sexual predator, he resorted to assaulting, harassing, torturing and threatening several other students who do not have the courage to fight what women felt were several genuine of rape, molestation and other charges against him, which were “ brushed under the carpet in view of his money power” ( line from the petition)

The victim lived in the Bethel Hostel at Laggere, Bengaluru, where all the students who studied under any of the Colleges under the Bethel Institutions stayed. The pastor resides in the very same premises, right above the hostel.

The complainant, in her petition stated that she   received calls from the pastor at odd hours and was repeatedly asked to come to his office failing which she was called out publicly. He threatened the Petitioner that if she did not concede to his demands, the 3rd Respondent would ensure that the Petitioner would not be given her marks card and degree certificate.

Even as this case has reached the court, there are reports of other women with similar complaints with at least one of them having posted a video detailing he harassment, she and other women students of the institution, affiliated to the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences

The Petitioner was a student of Pan Asia College of Nursing where she completed her B.Sc. Nursing degree course in October 2017. The Pan Asia College of Nursing is a part of the Bethel Medical Institute of Nursing Sciences. It is obvious, to the complainant girl, that Dr Pastor Suny D was in a position of absolute power and could use his influence over students of his institutes.

According to the petition in court, on 27.12.2016, the complainant was called to the Pastor’s office and was harassed sexually where the pastor threatened the complainant girl that she would not be given her marks card if she did not give in to him. ( Indian Expose has not ascertained what “giving in” meant in this context, but going by the tenor and nature of the complaint, it is assumed that he had asked for  a sexual favour)

The petition filed in the Karnataka court against Pastor Dr Sunny D, President Bethel Holy Fire Ministries and Bethel Medical services the State of Karnataka, DCP Central Division Bangalore ( under whose jurisdiction the institutes run by the pastor are situated), the Registrar, Vice Chancellor, Director of Students Welfare Secession, the Director of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, and Additional Chief Secretary Health and Family Welfare, Karnataka, states that the petitioner was “horrified and traumatized by the 3rd Respondent’s ( Dr Pastor Sunny D) perverted behaviour. The Petitioner has not been able to live peacefully as the 3rd Respondent realized that the Petitioner had retrieved the CCTV footage of the 3rd Respondent.

The Pastor Sunny D has been on the hunt for the Petitioner. The Petitioner has been in hiding, living with cousins and friends who have all been tracked down and warned”

He searched for the address of parents of the Petitioner, visited her hometown and went to the extent of threatening the Petitioner’s family with dire consequences if the Petitioner filed a case against him.  He also traced the Petitioner to a nursing home and also threatened her cousin to advise not to initiate any action against him. He made several calls and sent several messages to coax her into meeting him and tortured her on a regular basis.

The victim petitioner has complained to several senior authorities such as the Director, Registrar and Vice Chancellor of RGUHS but to no avail. These authorities, the petitioner stated have failed to take cognizance of the matter and initiate any action against the pastor and head of the institutes. Complaints made by the Petitioner to the other authorities within the college were not taken up seriously and she was asked to let go of the same and adjust to the 3rd Respondent’s disturbing behaviour.

He would call several women to meet him after the working hours of the college at his room and has behaved in a manner that has caused severe discomfort to all the students mental trauma to a number of students and the authorities have paid no heed to the complaints lodged by the students.

CCTV footage retrieved could strengthen the case of the victim against the pastor

One supporter of the victim managed to retrieve the CCTV footage of Pastor Dr Sunny D’s barbaric behaviour at his office on 27.12.2016 as some other girls who had been similarly molested helped the Petitioner to get the footage. (There are some developments with regard to this which IndianExpose is following and will update/ break this information soon)

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