Not so secret life of a ‘Call Boy’

If you thought the rise of call girls in India is alarming, you will find it even more alarming to know about the rise of ‘call boy’ services. IndianExpose in its inter-state investigation throws light on this dimension of sex trade…

“Easy money and a chance to have sex with an older woman,” is the reason I became a Gigolo expressed Joseph (name changed) from Goa. “I have the looks. I know women are attracted to me. I do not see any reason for me not using this God given gift for my benefit.”

Prathik (name changed) from New Delhi came into the ‘call boy’ trade to earn a decent living, as he was not finding a viable job and needed to support his family. “It is a job! That’s how I see it. Nothing more, nothing less. I earn a living and it helps me support my family,” he narrated.

Asif from Mumbai loves the fact that his clients shower him with luxurious gifts such watches, Ray Ban glasses, branded clothes besides earning his basic fee of Rs 4000 to Rs 10000 depending on the client. “I even went to Dubai on a holiday with my client. We had a lot of fun. Foreign drinks and sex”.

Ranjit (name changed) a tall handsome model from Chandigarh is a ‘call boy’ that caters to both male and females clients. Having to earn his modelling break by sleeping on a couch to get the casting, he opined that if this is the way its got be move ahead in life, so be it. “I earn Rs 10,000 to 15,000 per client, sometimes I have three clients in a day. Life is good.”

From masseurs to sex workers ‘call boys’ or ‘Gigolos’ is a serious and growing trend in the sex trade business in India.

Since the network is more underground then in the open, most of the advertisements to become a ‘call boy’ is mostly found on the internet and classified newspaper of leading news dailies.

IndianExpose has mapped over 100 different websites in India that promote ‘call boy’ services and also have set up a recruiting arm that of offer jobs of being a call boy.

Here is a content of one such website: “Our agency is one of the largest & most trusted service providers of this genre. We provide 24X7 gigolo services all over India including the major states and cities. Our Gigolo boys are good-looking, handsome, professional and skilled in providing satisfied desires and fulfil your sexual pleasures. You can hire gigolo online. Our boys do all sexual acts to satisfy any women for experiencing the best sexual pleasures. 

The website makes a pitch for a career in the sex trade business, “If you think, you have the potential to satisfy any women in the bed, you can join as a gigolo club. You can be invited to social occasions, functions & private parties by clients to entertain high society people. Sex is your personal preference between you and your client. You can apply for gigolo job and can get paid easily. Having affair with multiple ladies and getting paid for your time is always a better deal to have a permanent partner. If you want to join us then simply fill up the form above and let us contact you with the proper deal.”

Another website and a popular one amongst those in the elite ‘call-boy’ clubs states, “If you are looking for lucrative jobs, its here. But this particular job requires you to be handsome. And no, it is not modelling.”

So while some give you a career of your dreams, some do not; because the world is dark, and everyone is looking to make a kill of the ‘call-boy’ job seeker.

Recently in Chandigarh a BSc student was duped of Rs 4,00,000 lakhs when he answered to an advertisement seeking Gigolos in the city. 

The advertisement to the ‘Friendship Club’ promised an earning of Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 daily. He paid Rs 4,00,000 as costs towards membership fees, medical tests and security deposit.

Many call-boys IndianExpose had spoken too opined that almost 80 per cent of most online recruitment websites for ‘call-boys’ are fake. ‘They take your money and don’t revert back,” revealed Suyash (name changed) from Delhi, who lost 1lac on one such website, when he wanted to get more business.

Some call-boys have a fantabulous careers in the sex trade. They get treated well. Make lots of money and travel around, staying in star hotels.

But there some horror stories too. 

Sushant (name changed) from Bangalore expressed, “There are some times when clients don’t pay. Or instead of one, I have to satisfy more women at a party, which I had not been informed about before. There was time when I was violated by three women and got paid by one.”

“I was threatened to be thrown in jail by a woman who did not want to pay me my fee until I had sex with her one more time for free,” narrated Rajesh (name changed) from Delhi 

“I had once got a call from a woman, who wanted me to come to Goa. She sent me the ticket and hotel booking. I landed in Goa. I was called to the room, where I was then asked satisfy her and her husband. I got paid well but I was embarrassed, I never had sex with a man before or with a woman in front of her husband,” revealed Martin (name changed) from Mumbai.

The ‘call-boy’ sex trade business has lured some educated men looking for easy money and sex. 

But it also a nightmare for those from marginalised section of society who are forced into become ‘call boys’ or ‘male sex workers’.

Some boys who are forced into sex trade due to trafficking or child labor come from the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Jharkhand. These boys are mostly illiterate or semi-literate. These stories are ones of neglect, discrimination and abuse.

Their lives in the sex-trade function as a bi-sexual, satisfying male and female clients. “Women are more gentle, then men,” expressed Rizwan (name changed) from West Bengal. 

But some women can be animals and extremely kinky, revealed Soham (name changed). “I had a woman. Who took extreme pleasure in just beating with a belt and then comforting me. I would get paid double my price for being beaten.”

Some women can be so compassionate that it surprises me, expressed Roger (name changed), “I had a woman, who just wanted someone to listen her, take a shower together with her and hold her while sleeping. We did not have sex each time we met, but we had a lot of fun, travelling around the beaches of Goa, or when we went to Hong Kong and shopped frantically.”

Some women come from affluent families with bad marriages or bad sex life. 

Some clients are career women, looking for a good time. 

Some are women who have crossed a certain age and whose husbands have lost interest in them and their bodies. 

“In the end I am a service provider and I am not forced into to providing sex to a woman. I chose this life,” tried justifying Simon (name changed) from Chennai.

Over the years, just like raids would take place rescuing many girls from the sex trafficking business; police has also raided men working as ‘call boys’ and ‘gigolos’. In cities like Pune, Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai raids have taken place and some ‘call boy’ businesses have been shut.

But one business shuts down another one comes up; as long as there are women and men with lusty desires for the male sex worker, the business is going to go on.

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