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Meghalaya #ChurchToo Horror: 40-year old woman recounts abuse by priests from age of five

Meghalaya, Oct 20 (IENews) A 40-year old woman from Meghalaya took to social media platform Facebook to reveal shocking details of her sexual abuse by two priests of the Catholic Church.

Her abuse started at the age of five and stopped when she was twelve years old.

In her post the sexual abuse survivor accused Br Francis Gale of the Christian Brothers and Br Muscat of Don Bosco

Her shocking trauma, led her to try and commit suicide three times. She over came her suicidal tendencies a few years through counselling.

In her horrific description she accused Br Francis Gale of sexually abusing her when she was five-years old and when she narrated the story to her close family member, she was slapped and rebuked for levelling such accusations on a priest.

The abuse, she further narrates, continued till she turned 12. At this age, she mustered the courage to fight back and say ’no’.

Br Francis Gale is now a parish priest in West Bengal.

The other priest Br Muscat, is a priest of the Don Bosco congregation and is posted in Shillong. 

In her post she described how Br Muscat would abuse his victims under the pretext of giving them sweets and toffees. While the girls would select their chocolate in his table drawers, he would slide his hand on their thighs. 

She claimed that she did not want to speak about the abuse by Br Muscat because of the more horrific abuse she faced from Br Francis Gale.

“The #MeToo has triggered a lot of distress but it also brings me hope and belief that justice will come,” the victim said in her post.

She said, “I do hope that in some small way my story will make perpetrators feel less empowered to abuse with impunity.”

The woman said the reason for her to come and speak up now was to also try and support victims of similar crimes or connect them to counsellors and growing list of supporters.

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