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Is Rajasthan under threat of a ‘Zika virus’ out break?

Over 2 lakh breeding sites, about 75K larvae breeding ones, almost 4.5 lakh people brought under surveillance

Jaipur, Oct 17 (IENews) In a meeting chaired today by Union Health Minister JP Nadda, IndianExpose has learned that 434,5515 people from Shastri Nagar in Jaipur have been brought under surveillance as on Oct 17, 2008 to check for the deadly outbreak of the ‘Zika’ virus in the state of Rajasthan.

So far 80 cases have been reported in the state.


The health investigations officers tracking the ‘Zika’ virus have found 204,875 breeding sites in Jaipur which were checked and out that 74,483 sites were found to have larvae breeding.

The government has deployed 330 teams in the affected wards of Shastri Nagar in Jaipur. Over 86903 houses have been surveyed.

The health workers undertook on-spot source reduction and containers were treated with Temiphose during the survey.

The health workers have also carried out focal spray and fogging in affected areas which were recommended by team supervisors.

In the meeting, JP Nadda stressed on the need for undertaking exhaustive control measures including intensive fogging for next month in order to ensure vector control in the area. He also stressed on strengthening surveillance to facilitate the early identification of cases.

The health minister also urged the people to not panic and cooperate with the health officials in controlling the breeding of the vectors.

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