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I will not enter a Catholic Church again

A silent protest against cover-up of sex crimes in and by the Catholic Church

My Christian faith in the teachings of Jesus continues to remain a strong as a rock.

My Christian faith is from where I derive my strength and courage to expose the truth.

But my faith in the Catholic Church has been shaken.

I have decided that I will not enter a Catholic Church again.

I will also not send my children for Catechism classes again.

This is my silent protest for those thousand of children, women and men who have been sexually abused by clergy of the Catholic Church for decades.

Evil exists all over the world. And the Catholic Church is not insulated from acts of human degeneracy.

It is not that the Catholic Church is exploding with sexual abuse crimes of the clergy that has disturbed me. 

It is the shameless cover-up of these horrific crimes by the Catholic Church that is the cause of my disturbance and sorrow.

In the John Jay report in US, children as young as 1-year olds were victims of sexual abuse by the clergy. Four such cases were identified.

The sexual abused cases of the clergy are emerging from all corners of the world. It is not an isolated incident of abuse and cover-up.

It is a pattern, a systemic work of sexual abuse, cover-up the crime, pay the victim and family or pressurise the victim and family from exposing the truth.

This system of the sexual abuse cover-up reaches to the doors of the Vatican itself.

The Catholic Church’s own canonical law over shadows the laws of the land in most countries. 

If the Catholic Church receives a sexual abuse complaint, it will conduct in its own investigations under its canonical laws but rarely report the matter to the concerned police authorities.

In fact those Church officials appointed to serve in the investigation processes or in the tribunal of the sexual abuse cases appointed by the Catholic Church have to take a solemn oath to secrecy to never to divulge to public or authorities, the nature of their investigations and its related outcome. They can be ex-communicated for such a breach of trust.

To the Catholic Church, revealing details of sexual abuse crimes to the police authorities is not as important as betraying the Catholic Church diktats on matter of sexual abuse cover-ups.

In India, a 44-year old nun was raped. This is a nun, a member of the Catholic Church clergy who was raped by a Bishop, Bishop Franco Mulakkal.

The nun reported her case of rape, sodomy and confinement to a Bishop, Archbishop, Cardinal and even the Vatican representative in India.

The senior leaders of the Catholic Church acted like the famous three monkeys that ‘Did not see anything. Did not hear anything. Did not speak anything.”

In fact some leaders of the Catholic Church decided to slander the nun for reporting the matter to the police authorities.

Even now the Catholic Church continues to intimidate and threaten the nun and her family, on who’s complaint Bishop Franco Mulakkal arrested.

Do the senior leaders of the Church even have a conscience or has their conscience become so evil, that they have become the devils that they preach about that Christians should be aware off.

Sexual abuse is serious crime but it is not serious to the Catholic Church. That’s why the cover-up is so rampant.

Reportedly 1.4 billion US dollars have been paid as cover-up settlements so that victims do not raise their voice in the media and before the authorities.

The Church will either silence the victims with bribes and settlements or completely discredit the victim using its most powerful tool – the media.

Imagine this! Thousand of children, woman and men are connected to the Catholic Church in many different forms of services. 

Amongst those thousands of devotees, there will be sexual abuse predators in the form of some of the clergy. Are our children safe?

The Catholic Church can see the crimes happening against innocent children but it does not act to protect the victim but the predator.

I cannot accept that the Catholic Church, an institution I have respected for many years, because I see it, as nothing more than an organisation that has lost its humanity and respect, the time it turned a blind eye to the rape and sexual abuse of young children under its care.

The silence of the Catholic Church and its mere postering on the sexual crimes by the clergy instead of taking drastic measure to stem the rot of sexual abuse exposes to the world the dark abysmal the Catholic clergy is in.

I cannot be a part of that darkness. 

Jesus came to be the light of the world and extolled those who followed his teachings to also follow the light, the truth.

But the Catholic Church on the cover-up of sexual crimes by the clergy is a beacon of lies and horrendous evil.

I am sure me or my family not attending Church would not be missed by the Catholic Church.

But it is not only me.

Slowly more and more people will leave the Catholic Church because their conscience is not dead to the heinous nature of sexual abuse by men representing God; and the related cover-up of the Catholic Church of sexual abuse.

I can only pray that more sexual abuse victims in India to come out and expose the devil within the Catholic Church.



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