#ChurchPredators: 70 years, Over 1000 children, 300 priests in Pennsylvania 

IndianExpose in its mission to expose the evil of sexual abuse and its cover-up by the Catholic Church brings to its reader a 1300 plus page report of the Grand Jury of Pennsylvania.

The report is shocking, disturbing and heart-wrenching.

Over 1000 child victims were identifiable from the Church’s own records. But the Grand Jury believed that the real number of children whose records were lost or who were afraid to come forward were in thousands.

Most of the victims were boys, but they were girls too. Some were teens; many were pre-pubescent. Some were manipulated with alcohol or pornography. 

Some were made to masturbate their assailants, or were groped by them. Some were raped orally, some vaginally and some anally.

But all of them were brushed aside, in every part of the state by Church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institution above all.

Here are some shocking examples in the Grand Jury Report:

In the Diocese of Alentown, documents show that a priest was confronted about an abuse complaint. He admitted, “Please help me. I sexually molested a boy.” The diocese concluded that, ‘experience will not necessarily be a horrendous trauma’ for the victim, and the family should just be given ‘an opportunity to ventilate’. The priest who confessed to his crime to the Church authorities was left in unrestricted ministry for several more years.

Similarly in the Diocese of Erie, despite a priest’s admission to sexually assaulting at least a dozen young boys, the Bishop wrote to thank him. Let me share the quote in the letter ‘We thank you for that you have done for God’s people. The Lord who sees in private will reward. 

Another priest in the same Diocese confessed to orally and anally raping boys as young as 7-years old. The Bishop met with the abuser and commended him for being a person of cantor and sincerity and to compliment him for the progress he has made in controlling his addiction to sexually abusing young boys. This priest was later removed from the priesthood and the Bishop ordered the Parish priests not to say why he was removed.

A priest in the Diocese of Harrisburg abused five sisters in a single family. In addition to his acts of sexual abuse, the priest collected samples of the girl’s urine, pubic hair and menstrual blood.

There was a priest for example who raped a seven-year old girl while he was visiting her in the hospital after she had her tonsils removed out. 

Or a priest who made a nine-year old boy to give him oral sex and then rinsed the boys mouth with Holy water to purify him. 

Or a boy who drank some juice at his priest’s house and woke up the next morning bleeding from his rectum, unable to remember anything from the night before.

The Grand Jury uncovered evidence of child abuse committed by Roman Catholic priests in Pennsylvania. Evidences showed that the priests engaged in sexual contact with minors, including grooming and fondling of genitals and intimate body parts as well as penetration of the vagina, mouth and anus. 

The evidence also showed that the Diocese Administrators including Bishops, had knowledge of this conduct and that priests were regularly placed in ministry after the Diocese was on notice that complaint of sexual abuse had been made.

The conduct of the Catholic Church was enabling to the offenders and endangered the welfare of the children.

Evidence also showed that the Diocese had discussions with lawyers regarding the sexual abuse conduct of priests with children and made settlement with victims. Further, these settlements contained a confidentiality agreement forbidding victims from speaking about the abuse under threat of some penalty, such as legal action to recover previously paid settlement monies.

Finally the Grand Jury received evidence that Diocesan administrators, including the Bishops often dissuaded the victims from reporting to police or conducted their own deficient biased investigations without reporting crimes against children to the proper authorities.

Like Boston, Pennsylvania in US is a shocker just like Chile, Germany. More and more truth about sexual abuse within the Catholic Church is coming to light.

Yet the Catholic Church continues to maintain a stoic silence on the issue and continues with its stand to ignore or cover up as India witness recently in the Bishop Franco Mulakkal’s rape of a nun.

Here is the full-report:

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