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Christian hypocrisy: Garland accused rapist, Shame raped nun

Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to one’s religious and moral beliefs.

The video below is an example of Christian hypocrisy:

In the video, you get to see the accused Bishop Franco Mulakkal, receiving a ‘hero-like’ welcome on his return back to Jalandhar.

The senior clergyman is accused of illegally confining, raping and sodomising a nun.

He committed this vile act, not once, not twice, not thrice but thirteen times between 2014 and 2016.

The nun in her fight for justice, after she could no longer take the sexual abuse, decided to approach senior leaders in the Catholic Church to seek relief.

Bishop Vadakkel, Archbishop Anil Couto and Cardinal Alencherry did the most natural act that comes to most in the Catholic clergy on matters of sexual abuse – they did nothing.

Accomplices of the accused rapist, who incidentally is the first bishop in India to be arrested on accusations of rape and sodomy, attempted to bribe the nun with five crores and 10 acre land.

They tried to threaten her with death and with legal ramifications.

Then they resorted and continue to resort to slandering the integrity and character of the victim.

The supporters of the accused rapist, such as Kerala MLA PC George decided to call her a ‘prostitute’.

Bishops who went to meet the accused rapist Bishop Franco Mulakkal, compared his sufferings to that of ‘Jesus’.

In fact it seems that they are playing out the ‘Jesus’ and ‘Mary Magdalene’ story again.

Accused rapist who is out on conditional bail and not acquitted gets a hero welcome. He has even started to share his views and proclaim his innocence to the media.

The raped nun, however, is facing a possible eviction from the convent for supposedly bringing shame to the Catholic Church.

The hypocrisy of the Catholic Church and its followers is not surprising though it is disheartening.

For years the Catholic Church has put blinders on their followers, when 100s of priests very raping, sodomising, behaving sadistically with their sexual abuse victims. Some even making pornographic films.

Some of these victims were young children. In the Pennsylvania and Germany horror, most of the children abused were of the age of 7. They were mostly boys.

The sexual abuse victims children, women and men is astonishing.

In the coming months more and more such cases will come out in the open.

In order for the Catholic Church to take a corrective action it must first acknowledge the evil.

But according to the Pope, the evil in not in the Church but outside the Church.

I firmly believe that nun will get justice in India, not because ‘Jesus Saves’ but because this is the land of Shakti.

It will take time but more sexual abuse cases within the Catholic Church and other Christian sects will be exposed in India.

The Church will withdraw the temporary relief given to Bishop Franco Mulakkal of his pastoral duties and he once again don the garb of a Bishop.

Let me leave you with an image that will haunt every Indian until the nun gets justice. A picture of one the supporters of the raped nun:





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