Saturday, July 13, 2024


Indian politicians hit the jackpot with 1957 TISCO case. It set the tone for political funding

Electoral bonds have done what past innovations in party funding couldn’t — they have sprung the issue of party funding onto the national stage.

Rabinder Singh spy scandal exposed R&AW's ugly sides. But India hasn't learned from its mistakes

Vishal Bhardwaj's Khufiya touches on the penetration of R&AW. The reel-world denouement, though, was quite different from the real-world ending.

1967 was the year politics changed. Modi wants to go back to the simpler times before that

Apart from One Nation, One Election, there is a strong similarity between 1967 and 2023—a dominant party at the helm, and a politics that’s bringing oddballs of opposition together.

Duties, duties, duties. Modi is going back to the Indira Gandhi Emergency era

Speaking in the Old Parliament for the last time, PM Modi said the Central Hall of Parliament inspires us to fulfil our duties. Earlier, he had changed Amrit Kaal to Kartavya Kaal.

When Indira Gandhi nationalised foodgrain and failed — a disaster and a cautionary tale

The contrast is glaring — Indira Gandhi tried to edge out private players & failed, while Modi tried to bring in private players through the now-repealed farm laws & also failed.

Nehru’s Hindu Code Bill vs Modi’s UCC— same script, same drama, different Indias

Nehru was trying to build a great nation, in which all citizens had equal rights, but Parliament was holding him back.

‘Air India ki flight mat lo' — how Canadian neglect led up to Kanishka bombing 38 yrs ago

An explosives test conducted by the Babbar Khalsa was mistaken to be a 'gunshot'. Surveillance was called off, X-ray screen broke down & an anonymous bag was checked in.

Soviet Midas touch drove Indian economy during Cold War. India rekindling rupee-rouble affair

India is an outlier for engaging with Russian economy, which has brought back talk of reviving an old Cold War relic: the rupee-rouble trade. But the rupee is in trouble in Russia.

Campa, Coke, Pepsi, politics—cola wars and Indian capitalism. Now Ambani to fuel new battle

This is the story of India’s cola wars. It’s always been a potent mix of politics, nationalism, predatory market practices and good old conspiracy theories.

Gandhi spoke no Sanskrit & Narayana Guru spoke no English when they met during Vaikom

When MK Gandhi and Narayana Guru met in 1925, they clashed on the non-violent approach to the Vaikom Satyagraha and conversion as a path to freedom for avarnas.

On Camera

Zomato has become the brand ambassador for food cheating between couples

Zomato’s new ‘order delete’ feature is teaching young people to pull off a nearly perfect lie in front of their parents and handing spouses the perfect weapon for food infidelity.

‘Robot tax' for AI-induced job loss & ‘wealth tax' on vacant land — RSS-affiliate SJM's Budget wish list

In pre-budget meeting held in June with Finance Minister Sitharaman, Swadeshi Jagran Manch suggested incentivising those generating more employment & measures to control food inflation.

BrahMos a wonderful symbol but Philippines lacks capability to operate, says Ashley Tellis

If a country did not have C4ISR capability, having a missile was a wonderful symbol but not of much operational use, says former senior adviser to US state department.

Modi's new universe: the normal irritants of democracy & awkward chai with Rahul Gandhi

Changed reality for Modi govt in its 3rd innings is by no means rise of a new phenomenon. It's a return to old normal where even majorities had to routinely wrestle with storied million mutinies.