Saturday, July 13, 2024


Fact Check: Boarding pass hinting at Rahul Gandhi's plans to leave India on 5 June is photoshopped

The photo of the original boarding pass, assigned to Ajay Awtaney, was featured in a 2019 article published on a website named 'Live From A Lounge'.

Fact Check: Congress letter on ‘dividing Hindus in Karnataka' is fake

Congress also shared a video clarifying that the letter circulating on social media is fake and that legal action will be taken against those who produced and published it.

Fact Check: Shah Rukh Khan did not say ‘Rahul Gandhi will be next PM' on X, viral post is fake

No such post was found on the actor's X profile and an analysis of his account’s activity log on a social media analytics website found that no post was deleted recently.

Fact Check: Viral audio of phone conversation between Swati Maliwal & Dhruv Rathee is AI-generated

In the deepfake audio, AAP MP Maliwal is heard talking to YouTuber Rathee about the alleged assault on her, asking him to not do a video on it & whether he was receiving 'payments' on time.

Fact Check: Amit Shah didn't call Modi's poll promises meaningless. He was talking about Congress

The original video of Amit Shah, uploaded by ANI, shows him talking about the Congress’ election guarantees in Telangana.

Fact Check: Old pregnancy kit commercial shared as Congress party's Mahalakshmi Scheme ad

The Congress in its 2024 Lok Sabha manifesto has promised to give Rs 1 lakh per year to poor households under the Mahalakshmi Scheme guarantee.

Fact Check: Kanhaiya Kumar hasn't been attacked. Photo shared on social media is from JNU days

The viral photo dates back to 2016 when Kanhaiya Kumar was hospitalised after a hunger strike.

Fact Check: Prashant Kishor not BJP's new chief spokesperson, letter circulated on social media fake

Original letter is from 2023 & announces the appointment of Shri Benjamin Yepthomi as state president of Nagaland BJP. Party confirms no such development has taken place.

Fact Check: Mallikarjun Kharge's ‘Congress is dead' video is clipped. He was quoting critics

In the original video, Kharge is seen addressing the crowd at an election rally in Ahmedabad where he is talking about how critics claim that Congress is finished.

Fact Check: Mohan Bhagwat praised Congress in 2018, not during 2024 Lok Sabha polls

Many social media users have shared an old video of the RSS chief, wrongly claiming that he is now praising the Congress after sensing the "changing political sentiments".

On Camera

Zomato has become the brand ambassador for food cheating between couples

Zomato’s new ‘order delete’ feature is teaching young people to pull off a nearly perfect lie in front of their parents and handing spouses the perfect weapon for food infidelity.

‘Robot tax' for AI-induced job loss & ‘wealth tax' on vacant land — RSS-affiliate SJM's Budget wish list

In pre-budget meeting held in June with Finance Minister Sitharaman, Swadeshi Jagran Manch suggested incentivising those generating more employment & measures to control food inflation.

BrahMos a wonderful symbol but Philippines lacks capability to operate, says Ashley Tellis

If a country did not have C4ISR capability, having a missile was a wonderful symbol but not of much operational use, says former senior adviser to US state department.

Modi's new universe: the normal irritants of democracy & awkward chai with Rahul Gandhi

Changed reality for Modi govt in its 3rd innings is by no means rise of a new phenomenon. It's a return to old normal where even majorities had to routinely wrestle with storied million mutinies.