Saturday, July 13, 2024


MOONHOP Makes a Splash: $0.01 Presale Dethrones PlayDoge and Challenges Solciety

The crypto space is evolving, and PlayDoge steps up as a formidable competitor to Dogecoin.

Latest Crypto Highlights: Strategists Predict BlockDAG to Soar to $1 in 2024 as BCH Falters & DOT Expands

Unveil BlockDAG's impressive $57.6M presale and its journey to a 1400% spike against BCH's drop and DOT's expansive strategy.

BlockDAG Documentary Sparks Investor Craze as Experts Predict 40% Surge Amid Arbitrum (ARB) Price Prediction & XRP Forecast

Discover how BlockDAG's documentary sparks investor’s craze with a predicted 40% surge. Learn about Arbitrum (ARB) price prediction & XRP forecast.

Rising Above: Aashish Chandratreya's Transition from Mumbai Roots to New York Fame

Through an exploration of Chandratreya's significant photographic projects, readers will gain insight into the depth of his artistic vision and the impact of his work.

Crypto Chaos: Brett's Epic Crash, Hamster Kombat's Rise, and Why MOONHOP Might Be the Next Big Meme Coin!

Explore the recent crypto drama with Brett's drop, Hamster Kombat's rise, and MOONHOP's promising future. Discover the next big meme coin investment.

BlockDAG’s Referral Rewards Program Pushes Presale To Hit $57.4M After BNB SEC Lawsuit Victory & XRP Partnership With C14

Explore how BlockDAG's referral rewards fueled a presale success of $57.4M, amidst BNB's SEC lawsuit win & XRP's partnership with C14.

BlockDAG With Over 81k X Followers, Fueling Presale to $57.4M, Insights On Ethereum Fees Revenue & US-Approved Solana ETF

Know why BlockDAG is the best crypto to invest in. More about Ethereum fee dominance & the race for a US-approved Solana ETF.

BDAG's X100 Miner Eyes $60,000 Daily as Coin Targets $30: A Challenge to Render & ICP Predictions?

Uncover BDAG's X100 Miner’s potential to earn $60,000 daily, outperforming ICP predictions and Render’s price growth in 2024's bullish market.

BlockDAG X1 Miner App Now Live, 1300% Project Growth Coinciding with ONDO Trading & Theta Network Price Prediction

Discover BlockDAG's early launch of the X1 miner app on the App Store, ONDO Trading updates, and Theta Network price predictions. Explore BlockDAG's 30,000X ROI potential.

Simplify Tax Calculations for Your Business Using Bajaj Finserv GST Calculator

Streamline your tax calculations for precise GST compliance with an online GST calculator. Running a small business can be incredibly rewarding but also quite taxing,...

On Camera

Zomato has become the brand ambassador for food cheating between couples

Zomato’s new ‘order delete’ feature is teaching young people to pull off a nearly perfect lie in front of their parents and handing spouses the perfect weapon for food infidelity.

‘Robot tax' for AI-induced job loss & ‘wealth tax' on vacant land — RSS-affiliate SJM's Budget wish list

In pre-budget meeting held in June with Finance Minister Sitharaman, Swadeshi Jagran Manch suggested incentivising those generating more employment & measures to control food inflation.

BrahMos a wonderful symbol but Philippines lacks capability to operate, says Ashley Tellis

If a country did not have C4ISR capability, having a missile was a wonderful symbol but not of much operational use, says former senior adviser to US state department.

Modi's new universe: the normal irritants of democracy & awkward chai with Rahul Gandhi

Changed reality for Modi govt in its 3rd innings is by no means rise of a new phenomenon. It's a return to old normal where even majorities had to routinely wrestle with storied million mutinies.