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BlockDAG’s Referral Rewards Program Pushes Presale To Hit $57.4M After BNB SEC Lawsuit Victory & XRP Partnership With C14


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The cryptocurrency sector is undergoing significant transformations amid key legal decisions and strategic expansions. BlockDAG leads the charge, having ignited a presale frenzy with its 10% referral program, that has accrued an impressive $57.4 million and sold over 12 billion coins. 

Due to the rapid sellout, analysts predict a price surge up to $10 by 2025, setting the stage for the next crypto bull run. Amid this, the Binance victory in the BNB SEC lawsuit marks a crucial moment for regulatory clarity, yet the market is still volatile. However, XRP's partnership with C14 expands its global footprint, integrating fiat-to-crypto services. These developments highlight a vibrant period for digital currencies.

BNB SEC Lawsuit: Binance Triumphs Over  in Securities

In a significant victory for Binance and Coinbase, a US judge ruled against the SEC in the BNB SEC lawsuit, affirming that BNB and its secondary sales do not qualify as securities under the Howey Test. Judge Amy Berman Jackson of the US District Court for the District of Columbia dismissed the SEC's claims that purchasers of BNB in secondary markets were expecting profits, emphasising utility instead. 

This ruling marks a pivotal moment in the legal battle, with Coinbase applauding the decision and criticising the SEC's approach to regulatory clarity in the cryptocurrency industry. Despite the legal win, BNB's market performance remains volatile, experiencing a recent 5% decline amid broader market conditions.

Photo by special arrangement
Photo by special arrangement

XRP Partnership Expands Global Reach Through Key 

XRP has significantly broadened its global presence with XRPL Labs partnering with C14, an on-ramp solution provider, to extend access to over 50 markets worldwide. The collaboration integrates C14's fiat-to-crypto services into the XRPL-based Xaman wallet (formerly Xumm), enabling users to purchase XRP and Xahau's network token, XAH, using various fiat currencies.

Photo by special arrangement
Photo by special arrangement

This strategic XRP partnership aims to enhance accessibility and streamline onboarding processes across emerging markets, offering alternative payment methods like debit and credit cards. The initiative underscores Xaman and C14's commitment to expanding the utility of XRP Ledger and fostering greater adoption globally.

BlockDAG's Referral Strategy Spurs Next Crypto Bull Run

BlockDAG is strategically harnessing the power of the community with its generous 10% Referral Rewards Program, sparking significant engagement and investment as we approach the next crypto bull run. By sharing personalised referral links, investors enhance their returns and contribute vitally to the platform’s growth, weaving a strong network of family, friends, and fellow crypto enthusiasts. 

Photo by special arrangement
Photo by special arrangement

This strategy has supercharged the presale, amassing an impressive $57.4 million and distributing over 12 billion coins by its 19th batch, priced at $0.014 and set to rise to $0.015 in the next batch. Social media influencers in crypto are pivotal in this surge, urging their followers to capitalise on these referrals, thereby inflating their investments.  

This concerted effort is expected to catapult BDAG’s value, with analysts forecasting a climb to $10 by 2025, marking it as a cornerstone of the next crypto bull run. Such a robust approach enhances BlockDAG's appeal as a lucrative investment, which is able to generate 30,000x ROI for early investors, solidifing its position in the rapidly evolving digital currency landscape.

Key Takeaways

As the crypto world evolves with legal victories and strategic alliances, BlockDAG’s innovative referral strategy positions it as a frontrunner, promising to redefine investment landscapes and catalyse the next crypto bull run. The anticipated 30,000x ROI for early investors underscores a future where early engagement with potent platforms like BlockDAG yields monumental returns. With the BNB SEC lawsuit resolved favorably for the crypto community and XRP's expanding partnerships enhancing global connectivity, the path is paved for transformative growth, driven by strategic foresight and robust community participation.

Photo by special arrangement
Photo by special arrangement

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