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Bengal a political violence zone: TMC turns up the heat

IndianExpose columnist Harshit Ramesh Tiwari on ground in West Bengal shares the mood of elections – violence and voting.

Preparations were underway for BJP MP and Delhi BJP Chief, Manoj Tiwari’s roadshow in Howrah, West Bengal on 18th April. West Bengal has been infamous for political violence much more than any other state of the country in the last couple of years. Violence and Voting go hand in hand in West Bengal during elections. Such is the beauty of Notun Bangla (New Bengal as Mamata Banerjee calls it).

A small group of BJP workers and supporters were busy setting up the stage for Manoj Tiwari’s address and other decorations but all of a sudden, a bloody brawl erupted out of nowhere as lathi wielding TMC workers unleashed and unprovoked attack on the BJP supporters who were putting up posters and lightings for the event. This incident took place in Shibpur, South Howrah at around 11:00 AM and left 4 people injured including one apolitical bystander. BJP workers allege the TMC cadre of putting up provocative posters on the gate of the local BJP office just before Manoj Tiwari’s event. According to one Kaustubh Dhang, an eyewitness the BJP workers when saw the TMC banner on the main gate of the BJP office, removed it and minutes later, TMC workers appeared on the spot with lathis and bricks.

At first both the groups engaged in a heated argument and exchange of foul words as the TMC demanded their banner be put back where it was, to which the BJP supporters revolted and asked them to leave the site. What followed was a tug of war between both the parties over the banner and then TMC workers resorted to using physical force against the BJP supporters. Shubhashish Karmakar, the Dakshin Howrah TMC Youth Wing Chief and Ravi Singha, a local TMC worker were accused of attacking the BJP workers with lathis. One other unidentified person reportedly hurled bricks at the BJP office which hit a passerby named Dhiraj Jha.

This resulted in an all out scuffle between two bitter rival parties and the BJP workers also retaliated with lathis, leaving one TMC worker Rishabh Ghosh injured. Howrah Police arrived after the scuffle was broken by the residents of Tirupati Apartment (401 GT Road, South Howrah). After a brief examination of the situation, the police detained 3 TMC workers, only to leave them in less than an hour.

I, Harshit Tiwari, a CA student and regular IndianExpose contributor was also among the ones injured in the attack by TMC goons as I was entrusted with job of overseeing the logistic arrangements for the roadshow and rally. I being a BJP supporter was at the spot and received minor injuries on my back and a stitch on my elbow, thanks to the unruly administration and free hand given to goons by Didi. All the injured including myself, received first aid and further treatment at the Howrah General Hospital.

This is the price people pay for being Modi supporters in Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal where she claims to respect Ma, Maati and Maanush but unfortunately the Maanush is dying and Amaanushi forces are on the rise in land of Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda. Later that evening though, Mr Manoj Tiwari did address a massive rally at Howrah Jute Mill Ground and lead a roadshow on GT Road. The event went on smoothly thanks to the Howrah Police.

It’s sad to hear such terrible news emanating out of West Bengal every now and then. This is not just a single incident. Incidents like these happen every hour in Bengal and mainstream media often leaves it unreported. Bengal deserves better and we at IndianExpose deliver unbiased and unadulterated news from all parts of India.

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