Attend my call or call me, I spoke to your mom- Pastor Sunny’s chilling message to victim student


Story Highlights

  • 31 missed calls in less than two years often late into the night, trying to reach out the girl after the main night of harassment in his office on December 27, 2017
  • What’s App messages indicate desperation by the Pastor to stop the girl from highlighting her complaint Email of victim girl to her lawyer as material for her court complaint, indicate how the Pastor went to her home in Kerala and threatened her family

#ArrestPastorSunnyD #BreakingTheFaithAgain

Indian Expose’s chilling account of midnight calls messages and threats of a man of faith Pastor Sunny D, head of Bangalore based Nursing institution, to his victim student who has accused him of predatory behavior, torture and harassment.



TEAM IE, Bengaluru (EXPOSE) July 25 What’s App message from Pastor Doctor Sunny D to the nursing student reads(name withheld)

Attend my call or call me, it’s urgent

July 29 The message gets a little more urgent and chillingly personal

Attend my call or call me

I spoke to your mom

From July 22, 2018 when the Whats app message started with July 22, 2018

Just for 2 days…..Attend my call or call me’,  they became progressively personal and more urgent and clearly showing signs of desperation  on behalf of the Head of the Pan Asian School of nursing run by the Bethel Medical Institute Bengaluru by  Pastor Sunny D against whom his nursing student has filed a complaint in the High Court , asking for protection for molestation and harassment. 

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Case background (for readers who haven’t followed this earlier)

A young female student of nursing has gone to court asking for protection and relief from the never ending series of sexual harassment, molestation and torture by none other than the head of her institute  Pastor Sunny D.

The incidents happened within the precincts of the Pan Asia School of nursing, under the agesis of the Bethel Medical Institute run by a Pastor Dr Sunny D. According to information in the public domain Dr Pastor Sunny D is the Founder and President of Bethel Medical Group of Nursing Sciences, (the umbrella organisation under which the Bethel Medical Institute functions) and Bethel Medical Indo Nepal academy.

Calling the pastor “nothing short of a sexual predator, he resorted to assaulting, harassing, torturing and threatening several other students who do not have the courage to fight what women felt were several genuine of rape, molestation and other charges against him, which were “ brushed under the carpet in view of his money power” ( line from the petition)

Call and What’s app details, shared by sources close to the victim with Indian Expose  reveal constant and steady attempts, periodically by the Pastor * ( please check disclaimer) to speak to the woman and that too often late into the night. A Pastor who is the head of an umbrella of educational organizations, shold have no business, to make such urgent contact with just one person attaining education in his institute for a period from December 28, 2016 to July 30 2018.

These calls started immediately after the date, in which the girl complaint that the pastor called her to her office and harassed her sexually i.e December 27, 2018. The saga of calls started from the very next day (December 28) when there were five missed calls between 8.45 pm and 11.45 pm

Meanwhile this is only that period, for which we have records with no affirmation on whether there were even more calls and messages then. However, if the records we have are even the complete list of attempts to call and message, this is enough indicate a level of interest and harassment ( since the woman responded with a call back just once during this period) which is highly unusual and in the backdrop of the woman’s stand, an indication of harassment.

During this period, apart from the What’s App messages there were 31 missed calls. 6 in December 2016, 3 in February 2017, 3 in March, 1 in July and 10 in August. In 2018 there were 2 in June ( where the only call was returned by the girl) and 6 in July

The Whats App messages were sent on March 29, July 22 , July 25 and July 29

Many of these calls, as the call list indicates (see box) were made after midnight

These calls then stopped between August 2017 and June 28. It may be noted that the girl finished her course in the institute in October 2017, when ti was perhaps felt that she would not pursue the matter vigourously.


In March 2018, he tried to placate the girl  by sending her a whats App message on March 29 saying Come to BLR (Bengaluru) on 2nd (April). OK. Nothing to worry. On April 12, he sent another message stating “Where R U ****. Jansi Madam booked ticket and will be coming know (sic)’. Mention of this ‘Jansi madam”  clearly made in her email to her lawyer, excerpts of which are reproduced below

By July 2018, it became clear to the pastor that the girl was not willing to relent. That is when Whats app messages were sent to the girl on four days, July 18,22, 25 and 29.

When nothing worked, he decided to intervene in a manner which became ugly, as the victims complaint to her lawyer (October 24, 2018)  clearly states. Excerpts:

When I am studying, he tried to misbehave with me, every time I escaped from him. He called me late night to my mobile and tells me to come down from my hostel to his office. If I don’t go he announces in mike and forces me to come to office. When I go he said come one night with me and takes all the money you wanted. I will give you as much money you wanted, this is only entertainment and it is not wrong. I complained to Jansi madam but she said you have to adjust till you finish your studies. I went and complained to Senthil sir and Mr. Herold Johnson also but he is not serious and he also supporting sunny sir in this. Every time I managed to escape and after completing my course now he is directly calling my mother and threatening her and saying send **** to my house. On 03.08.2018 he went directly to my house in Kerala with his relative Lims, threatened my parents, if she is not coming I will do anything to her, give false complaint on her and put her in enquiry with CID.

He called my mother on 04.08.2018 and told that he will tell to CID that I am responsible for all problem and they will put me in case. He has spoiled many girls life threatening to be with him and if any girls don’t agree he did not allow to write exam and fail. He enters into girl’s room without notice and many times he come inside when we are changing dress. He comes alone saying he is checking room. (Reproduced without editing)

The irony here is that the victims arrest along with a friend who was helping her, is totally in line with his alleged threats reported by the girl that he would file false cases against her. This email from the girl to her lawyer before the filing of the petition, is a crucial piece of material which explains and underlines motives, in this horrific case, where the system has further victimized and harassed a victim of grave harassment by someone ina  position of authority and supposedly a man of faith

*(Disclaimer: The facts and details in the story are limited to call details shared by sources close to the victim who Indian Expose trusts is authentic. We do not claim that there is no further information or details not available or not shared, which may or may not alter conclusions drawn in this story from facts available at our disposal at present)

The horror calls List of calls and whats app messages sent by Pastor Dr Sunny D to the victim girl student between December 28 2016 to July 30, 2018

Dec 28 2016
5 missed calls
Time period: Between 8.45 and 11.45 pm

Dec 30
1 missed call
Time period: 7.25 pm

February 8, 2017
3 missed calls
Time period: 4 to 4.30 pm

March 10, 2017
2 calls (Received by the nursing student) * (check) from 8861517**7 saved as Sunny Sir
Also Calls from ‘Fredrick Sir’ 6.26 am and ‘Sunny Sir’ at 1.10 am (past midnight)

March 26 2017
1 missed call
Time 8.45 pm

July 29, 2017
1 missed call
Time: 9.16 pm

August 1, 2017
1 missed call
12.18 am

August 16, 2017
5 missed calls
Time: between 3 and 5 pm

August 18, 2017
4 missed calls
Time: Between 4 pm and 8 pm

(From August 19, 2017 to June 18, 2018, there are no call details available. However details of Whats app messages sent on March 29 and April 12, 2018 are available. Details of this are included below in a separate section on What’s app messages)

June 19,2018
2 missed calls from “Sunny (8861517**7) at 8.31 and 8.32
Nursing student returns call at 8.38 pm

July 18
1 missed call
11.17 am

July 30, 2018
5 missed calls
Time Between 6.53 and 6.56 pm

‘What’s app messages from ’Sunny Sir’ s number’ (number saved as Sunny Sir)
March 29, 2018 Come to BLR (Bengaluru on 2nd ok. Nothing to worry
Whr r u ****
Jansi madam booked ticket and will be coming now

July 22, 2018 “Just for 2 days”
‘Attend my call or call me’

July 25
Attend my call or call me, it’s urgent

July 29
Attend my call or call me,I spoke to your mom

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