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A tale of two states

Some Indians expose their hypocrisy and cynicism with such bile that it almost makes you want to vomit at their inhumanness.

Last month, two horrific incidents occurred. Both incidents shockingly exposed the lack of a humane nature in some police personnel who take an oath to protect people of their state and nation, and not kill them at will.

There could be many reasons of provocations; that can be thrown up as a means of justification to their act. But there is no justification to taking the life of an innocent.

In West Bengal, two students were killed. 

These students were a part of a student protest demanding for a teacher. The West Bengal police in its act of controlling and breaking the protest, fired into the crowd.

The bullets from the guns of the police officers caught the bodies of two students Tapas and Rajesh. They are now both dead.

Young lives snuffed out without a care in the world.

In UP, an Apple employee, driving in his car, was shot at by a cop on duty.

The bullet caught Vivek Tiwari’s body and he died.

Interestingly though, media and opposition went quiet, almost mouse like, on the horrendous crime in West Bengal. But started to roar like an ape, when it came to the crime in UP.

Everyone with a bias against the BJP CM in UP has been demanding for the resignation of Yogi Adityanath. But no one bothered to ask for the resignation of West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee.

BJP decided to call for a bandh to protest for the killings of the two young students. The bandh appeared to be ill-timed and badly planned.

It quite frankly, took the focus away from the fight for justice and arrest of the police officers, and made it about TMC and BJP.

In fact, a BJP woman supporter being thrashed by TMC workers grabbed the headlines more than the death of the two innocent students.

In UP, the government has been swift to act after the media and opposition outrage, the police officers have been removed from their services.

In West Bengal, however, the Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee is more concerned about Rohingya Muslims, than the people in her own state. No action has been taken against any police officer. 

The sad truth about both these horrific incidents is that three innocent humans lost their life because of a care-a-hang attitude of some of the police officials.

Political biases forces the rest of the citizen to adopt a herd-mentality and follow the dictates of their political leaders to oppose, sit quiet or challenge those who oppose.

In the end these deaths especially of the two young students will remain a statistic in police records because the West Bengal CM is not going to order a probe into their deaths or remove those police officers who shot these young boys from the police services.

Such is our political bile. That the Chief Minister of Delhi, the so-called anti-corruption crusader, Arvind Kejriwal, decided to attack BJP on the grounds that they do not even care for Hindus.

The verbal unintentional slap that Kalpana Tiwari – wife of Vivek Tiwari, gave him in her statement to media, is a lesson that political opportunist like him deserve and hope he learns from, about playing dirty politics over death.

But, such is the hypocrisy of Kejriwal who aspires to become India’s Prime Minister someday, and I am sure, that in his  dreams, he is already a PM, did not think it was duty as a political leader to condemn to the killing of two innocent boys in West Bengal. And we all know why.

My prayers with the family of the three deceased. No money, no words of assurance can give them back the dear one they have lost. 

#IThinkIndian – Jai Hind.

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