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A 12-year old’s Open Letter to Shashi Tharoor – Hindus are not dividing our nation

At the onset of this open letter, let me state firmly and confidently that my intent is to share my views as a 12-year old of this great nation and not to offend you anyway.

I normally do not write, that is a skill my elder sister has picked up from my father; however, I do like to debate and share my point of view. 

Since I have no manner in debating with you on this. I have opted to write an open letter to you.

It is with utmost surprise and disappointment that I heard on television that a senior politician of your stature made a statement ‘Hindi, Hindu and Hindutva is dividing our country’.

I do not agree with this statement of yours. It is not right, it is misleading and it is hurtful to millions of Hindus in our country.

If Hindus are dividing the country would you remove all the Hindus from the Congress party, which I am sure has a considerable number of Hindus. 

If you cannot remove all Hindus in the Congress party, would it be fair to arrive at this conclusion that you think as Hindus they are dividing the nation, you are insulting your own Hindu congress women and men, or that you prefer to be positioned as a Christian and Muslim political party while you demonise Hindus.

I do not think Hindus are dividing the nation.

I think the division you and others like you talk about is a game plan of certain sections of our society (in particular – politicians) who want to stir fear in the nation. 

I also feel that some nations want India to continue to be submissive and not reach its true potential. A fact I noticed in my research during our Mock UN debate.

At my age I do not see my friends by their caste or creed. I see them as humans, I see them as school mates and I see them as Indians.

I don’t know what is your definition of Hindutva. But I believe that if Hindutva means to be proud of my Hindu roots and my Hindu culture then every Indian irrespective of religion should be proud of it. My Hindu culture fascinates me.

It would be nice if you could correct your statement.

People in power must unite and not divide.

(Kianna Rodrigues, Grade – 7, Vidya Vikas Academy, Goa)

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  1. Brilliant!!!!! From a 12 year old. Way to Go!

    Mr. Rodrigues, All the best to your daughter Kianna!

  2. So beautifully you have written it girl. To the point and no waste of words. Short and delivers the punch. Keep going.

    1. Shashi Tharoor’s comment should teach you a valuable lesson that age is no guarantee to maturity. But, then, looking at your wonderful letter, you do not need this lesson in the first place. You are already so mature and wise beyond your years.

      Thank you for such a lovely idea.


  3. Hindus are the victims here. First Islamic invasion and then Christianity invasion. Many conversions have taken place. The point everyone is missing is that the “weak” converted to other religions and the strong stayed as Hindus. The weak have forgotten that they were Hindus too earlier. Is their guilt factor playing now ? And to appease them, are people like Sashi Tharoor blaming Hindus unnecessarily?

  4. Hindu fools still with no nation clueless. Congress party of christians and islam want to destroy hinduism from india goal not achieved by islam and british in last 1000yrs .
    Declare india a hindu nation soon or repent in future .

    Congress leaders with Hindu names to fool hindus.

  5. The Real Meaning of “Hindu” is That ‘All Persons Living in HINDUSTAN IE.Undevided India,A Unique Land which has the “Ancestry” of The BIGGEST number of Different “Relegions/Different Castes With In the Relegion” DEVIDE2RULE is one of the Most Potent Weapon of the”So Called,Literate by Birth” PEOPLE ,Who have RULED over Us/Even by PROXY, BECOMING DESPERATE AS DAYS GOBY

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